January 24, 2022

Workshop of the Red Cross of RNM HQ staff

A workshop was held in Struga in the period from 20 to 23 January 2022 with the Red Cross of RNM HQ staff for purpose of discussing several development issues related to the work of the national society in the upcoming period. The main emphasis in the discussions was on defining a new development concept of the organization for the next five years and establishing a model framework for a well-functioning Red Cross branch.

The Integral Operational Plan for the Work of the Red Cross of RNM for 2022 was also discussed at the working meeting, as well as the overall activities and tools for monitoring and evaluation of the work of the Red Cross of the RNM. There was a separate space for discussion regarding digitalization and digital tools and processes that are undertaken and planned by the organization in order to ensure effective digital transformation and success of the operational processes and promotion of the work of the Red Cross of RNM. The activities of the workshop resulted with several conclusions and a determined plan of activities that will be implemented in the upcoming period in cooperation with the Red Cross branches and the City Red Cross of Skopje.

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