April 29, 2022

Young people in action

Within the PHV program, until April 5, 2022, all trainings were realized by the Red Cross branches that are part of this year’s program. 40 trainings for dissemination, 40 trainings for development of small projects and 40 trainings for documenting small projects were conducted. A total of 800 students were part of the PHV program, guided by 40 disseminators who in turn receive direct support from 9 PHV mentors and the program coordinator.

The young people are already in the field, the research has started, the selection of the target groups and part of the activities are already being realized. The projects should be completed by June 24, 2022. This year, 120 small projects are expected to be completed.

Young people with their presence and activities, promotion, wearing Red Cross uniforms, are the best ambassadors of our work.

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