May 25, 2013

Visit of Mrs. Mechthild Richert, Regional Officer for Europe-German Red cross

Before the partnership meeting of Macedonian Red Cross, the Secretary General of Macedonian Red Cross – Sait Saiti had working meeting with the representative from the German Red Cross Mrs. Mechthild Richert, regional officer for Europe on May 31, 2011. At the meeting, the Secretary General expressed his satisfaction about the ongoing support and fruitful cooperation with the German Red Cross. Moreover, he particularly stressed the importance of German Red Cross support during the crisis in Macedonia, emphasizing that the population in Macedonia recognize the German Red Cross from that support. The German Red Cross representative expressed her satisfaction with the cooperation between German and Macedonian Red Cross and she emphasized the good reports developed by Macedonian Red Cross for the projects implemented with the German Red Cross support. Mrs. Mechthild Richert also met the secretary of the City Red Cross of Skopje, Mrs. Susana Tuneva Paunovska and visited the Center for asylum seekers and the Center for the Homeless in Shuto Orizari managed by City Red Cross of Skopje .

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