April 1, 2015

7th Session of Macedonian Red Cross Assembly

Macedonian Red Cross Assembly for the mandate period 2012-2016 held its 7th session on March 31, 2015 in the premises of the centre “Dare Dzambaz in Skopje.

The session was comprised of two parts: ceremonial session and regular session of the assembly.

The ceremonial session was used for presentation of awards to the best Red Cross branches in the area of blood donation in 2014. Each year blood donation is progressing in the country and Macedonian Red Cross and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine manage to accomplish excellent results in the area of promotion of blood donation and collection of the required quantities of blood.

The Red Cross braches of Vinica, Veles, Shtip Centar, Sveti Nikole, Kavadarci, Kriva Palanka, Probishtip, Kratovo, Delchevo, Gazi Baba, Bitola, Krushevo, Valandovo, Struga and Prilep fulfilled the annual plan for collection of the required quantities of blood for 2014. The most successful RC branches were Vinica, Veles and Shtip.

As a gratitude for the provided support for the marking of the recent 70th anniversary of the national society, on the assembly Macedonian Red Cross presented certificates of appreciation to the following companies and organizations: Alfa banka AD Skopje , Knauf Skopje, Transmet Skopje, Automobile SK, Comfy Angel Prilep, Eko Shar Tetovo, Printing company Evropa 92 Kochani, Makpetrol AD Skopje, Macedonian Radio Television, Macedonian National Theater, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Museum of National Struggle of the Republic of Macedonia, the Public Transport Company Skopje, Stefan Turs, National Conservatorium Centre – Skopje.

Macedonian Red Cross Assembly adopted the Annual Report and the Financial report for the operation of Macedonian Red Cross in za 2014.

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