February 26, 2015




On 26.02.2015 in 10:30 at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Macedonia there was a press conference where the public was informed about the donation provided to assist the affected population of the flooded areas and activities that will be undertaken to realize the donated funds.

Secretary General of the Macedonian Red Cross Saiti Sait, Minister of Labour and Social Policy Dime Spasov and Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski expressed gratitude to all citizens, companies, institutions and other legal entities involved in humanitarian action to help the flood affected population of Macedonia.

Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski said that steps are taken to repair the damages and distribution of funds collected from the donations. In humanitarian activities there were raised a total of 12,889,237 denars. There are total of 260 families identified that have suffered from floods in 12 municipalities.

Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Dime Spasov informed on the activities undertaken to assess the damage in the affected families by the teams from Centers for Social Work, the Macedonian Red Cross and municipalities. From the control inspection, it was found that it takes 10 million denars for rehabilitation and meeting the needs of the affected population. Compensation for damages and allocation of funds that was collected is divided into 10 groups according to the needs of citizens and extent of damage, in the lowest group is 14,000 denars and highest 110.000 denars.

Secretary General of the Macedonian Red Cross, Sait Saiti presented an overview of distributed humanitarian aid from the Red Cross by municipali,ty population of flooded areas in Macedonia: 382 tons of water, 1.026 food parcels, 1,047 hygiene parcels, 2582 blankets, 425 pairs of rubber boots, 100 mattresses and 780 liters dizental.

Humanitarian action to raise funds through mobile phones ended on 25/02/2015, but Secretary General Sait Saiti noted that Macedonia Red Cross remains open and will continue with humanitarian activities. In this respect, all initiatives coming from citizens, companies and our fellow citizens abroad will be accepted on the account of solidarity which will be further active, and the rest of the funds raised will be used to repair the damage in later phases for which there will be additional estimations . Macedonian Red Cross with the Ministries tomorrow will start the procedure for distribution of funds to the affected population

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