October 30, 2013

Anti trafficking week

Macedonian Red Cross this year again will participate in marking the Anti trafficking week from 2nd to 9th of December.

Within the preventive activities Macedonian Red Cross through the Red Cross Local Branches Bitola, Shtip, Kavadarci, Debar and Struga as well as City Red Cross of Skopje will organize peer educations for youth in primary and secondary schools. The goal of the preventive lectures is to raise the awareness among the youth, as well as to show them how to recognize the methods with whom they can become victims of trafficking and their self protection. During the week from 2nd to 9th of December in Ramstore Mall there will be stand were youth volunteers from City Red Cross of Skopje will distribute promo materials.

During the Anti trafficking week, totally 7 educational workshops will be organized which will cover more than 170 students from primary and secondary schools in 6 municipalities in the country.

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