February 10, 2015

Assistance to the flooded areas in Macedonia



During this day Macedonian Red Cross conducted humanitarian relief distribution in:

  • Sveti Nikole 20 food parcels, 20 hygiene parcels, 60 blankets, 20 rubber boots and 18 ton of drinking water
  • Kumanovo, 2 tons of drinking water and 10 matrasses
  • Last night in the community Dvorovi in Veles there was a fire affecting two houses and a textile mill that were burned down. Families were visited by the Red Cross representatives and were given 8 food parcels, 8 hygiene parcels 20 blankets and 16 matrasses.

Through the mobile phones of T-mobile, One and VIP 070/075/077 143 400 until 10.02.2015 gathered were 8.561.900 denars, and at the Solidarity fund account gathered were 1.104 707 denars.

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