January 31, 2014

Conducted training for educators and demonstrators for First Aid for drivers

31012014In compliance with the Ruler for programme contents for training educators for conducting curriculum for first aid for injured people in traffic, Macedonian Red Cross organized training for educators and demonstrators for First Aid for drivers, for the needs of the Red Cross Local Branches.

Total 17 participants (12 educators and 5 demonstrators), more precisely 1 from Red Cross Local Branch Probishtip, Delchevo,  Karposh, Radovish, Gostivar, 3 from Chair and Kriva Palanka, as well as 2 from Berovo, Struga and Kochani, successfully passed the training .

The training was conducted for two days, with the following curriculum (theoretical and practical part):

  • –       Legal Aspects for candidates for drivers
  • –       Communication skills
  • –       Basic knowledge on First Aid
  • –       Procedures for traffic accidents
  • –       Cardiopulmonary reanimation
  • –       Unconscious person
  • –       Bleeding
  • –       Wounds
  • –       Fractures
  • –       Crash injuries, sprains
  • –       Evacuate injured person from vehicle, removing helmet
  • –       Using AED

The educators on the training were, representatives from National Council for Resuscitation of Republic of Macedonia PhD MD. Jordan Nojkov and prim. MD. Vesna Nedelkovska, as well as from Faculty of Medicine PhD MD. Vladimir Mircheski, ass. MD. Ognen Kostovski, while from the Macedonian Red Cross Staff MD Aneta Trgachevska, Gligor Novachevski and Stojan Mishev.

On the end of the training, the participants took test, where they demonstrated their theoretical and practical knowledge regarding CPR and First Aid for injuries. They successfully passed the exam.

During the training, the candidates demonstrated their interest, commitment, knowledge and discipline which resulted with flawless training and mutual appreciation.

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