October 30, 2013

Conducted workshop on communication, advocacy and lobbying

slikaWithin the project for active ageing which is supported from ERSTE fondation and Austrian Red Cross, Macedonian Red Cross organized a two day workshop (24-25th October 2013), for communication skills, advocacy and lobbying for the older people as target group. Through this project Macedonian Red Cross stands for increasing the social inclusion of older people as target group in all spheres of the society.
The main goal of the workshop was for the older people from Skopje, Kriva Palanka and Veles gain skills and knowledge for development and implementation activities for raising awareness and advocacy on local level in accordance with their needs and rights. Through implementing such activities which are developed and intended from and for them, their social participation in the social life should increase. Another positive effect which should be realized is involving of the older people in their quest for their rights and needs and commitment for achieving them.

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