September 14, 2013

Regioal conference for Exploring humanitarian law conducted in Mostar

image002In the frames of the program for Exploring the humanitarian law, a representative from the Macedonian Red Cross and the National office for development of educations, which is a partner for the program implementation, in the period of 04-08 September 2013 participated at the regional meeting for Exploring the humanitarian law organized by the ICRC in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the conference there were present the coordinators-representatives from the Ministries of education in the region and representatives from the National societies that are implementing the project through the national education programs from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland and representatives from IFRC.

At the three day conference there were discussions about the achievements in the implementation of the program in the individual national societies and the cooperation with the Ministries of education, there were discussions about the need of cooperation between the institutions, the improvement of the program and the development of an electronic system of learning and training of professors for implementation of the EHL program. Also there was presented the module for the Humanitarian education by the IFRC’s representatives, which is starting to be implemented by more and more National societies. The need for joint cooperation regarding the application for support of the European funds was highlighted as well as the establishment of sustainability of the programs and a system of education through the Universities in the country.

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