September 7, 2015

Education for young motivators for blood donation with Club 25

04-06 September 2015 in Hotel Solferino, Struga there was a seminar for education of young motivators from Club 25.

On the seminar there were 34 participants from City Red Cross of Skopje, Red Cross branches Bitola and Ohrid, representatives from Albanian Red Cross and Red Cross of Novi Sad from Serbia.

Participants of the seminar have shown great motivation for work and active involvement in the workshops, interest for the presented topics, experience sharing, great creativity and commitment for team work. In the group there was a positive atmosphere that resulted with successful work and gaining new knowledge that is precondition for their good work as future motivators for blood donation.

Another added value of the seminar was the opportunity to exchange knowledge with participants from Serbia and Albania and explore possibilities for cooperation.

Content and workshops from the seminar have allowed all the participants to express their opinion, to learn how to prepare strategic documents, how to organize a campaign, prepare a TV article, PR text and how to use social media.

Seminar was an opportunity to gain new knowledge about blood donation, to get information about the work of Club 25, the ways of planning, organizing and holding blood donation activities, motivational factors etc.

It was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with representatives from Albania and Serbia.

Through the promotion of Club 25 from Skopje, the participants from Bitola and Ohrid have expressed willingness to take concrete measures for founding Club 25 in their branches.

Great gratitude towards Macedonian radio television for being present during the seminar and preparing a special footage for the national television.


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