August 6, 2015

Help for flood affected population in Tetovo

During the day, the Macedonian Red Cross for the victims families affected by the severe storms in Tetovo and the surrounding area will make distribution humanitarian aid consisting of 200 food parcels, 200 hygiene parcels, 200 sets for disinfection, 800 blankets and drinking water. From today to Sunday every day Red Cross volunteers will carry out distribution of 250 pieces of bread to families in villages Shipkovitsa, Mala and Greater Rechica.

Red Cross continues to coordinate and provide humanitarian aid which is necessary for the affected population, according to the role assigned by the Coordination Center of the Government to deal with the consequences caused by the elementary disaster in Tetovo and the surrounding area.

Aid consisting of drinking water, hygiene (disinfectants) and food can be delivered in the warehouses of the Macedonian Red Cross in Momin Potok from 08.00 to 16.00 pm (contact tel: 3096227), and in local branch of Red Cross Tetovo st. “Frushanska” bb. (Contact tel. 070 706 255) to August 15, 2015.

Interested legal entities and citizens can also participate and help by providing financial assistance:

Account : Тhe Solidarity Fund 300000001327966 DB 4030984271620 – Komercijalna Banka

– Donation of 100 denars by calling the following numbers: 143 400 075/070/077

Red Cross is following the situation on the field, the donated funds will be used for direct aid to the population affected by the floods.

For the provided and distributed humanitarian aid public will be timely and adequately informed.


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