August 19, 2015

Humanitarian aid for the affected population from the floods in Tetovo

Macedonian Red Cross from its reserve and from the aid gathered from the humanitarian action supported by legal entities and citizens of the country, has distributed humanitarian aid in drinking water, food, hygiene products, disinfectants, blankets, clothes, boots, sleeping bags, mats for the most affected families from the strong storms that swept Tetovo and the surrounding area last week,


As till 14.08.2015, the donors through the telephone lines of the three operators in the country have provided assistance in total of 1.031.500den. On the account of the Solidarity Fund of the

Macedonian Red Cross were transferred a total of 1,602,646 denars. So far for the humanitarian action of the Macedonian Red Cross help and donation arrived by several donors, legal entities and citizens, such as: Kozuvcanka Pivara AD Skopje, Alkaloid, Mac Oil, Economic Bank, Replek, Pro Credit Bank, Macedonian Telecom, Municipality of Ohrid, Comfy Angel, Lions Club, Annex Promes, KAM Market and Albanian Red Cross.


Macedonian Red Cross expresses gratitude to all the donors who provided support and donated in the humanitarian action to help the population affected by the floods in Tetovo.

Due to the interest of citizens and legal entities, the Red Cross continues the humanitarian action to August 31, 2015.

Donation in the form of hygiene (disinfectants) and food can be delivered in the warehouses of the Macedonian Red Cross in Momin Potok from 08.00 to 16.00 pm (contact tel: 3096227), and

In the Local Branch of Red Cross in Tetovo St. “Frushanska” bb. (Contact tel.070 706 255).

Interested legal entities and citizens can also contribute by providing financial assistance:

– Account 300000001327966 Solidarity fund  DB 4030984271620 – Komercijalna banka

– Donating 100 denars by a phone call: 075/070/077 143 400

The donated funds, the Macedonian Red Cross will redirect for humanitarian assistance for

the affected population from the floods.

For the provided and distributed humanitarian aid the public will be timely and adequately informed.


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