August 10, 2015

Humanitarian aid for the affected population from the floods in Tetovo

During the day, the Macedonian Red Cross is finishing the initial distribution of the humanitarian aid for the affected families by the severe storms in Tetovo and the surrounding area. To help families in Shipkovitsa, the Macedonian Red Cross distributed 200 pieces of blankets, mattresses 30 pieces 20 packs of clothing, jackets 50 pieces, 120 pieces of jeans, 25 pairs of children’s shoes and 40 pairs of men’s shoes.

As of 07.08.2015, through the telephone lines of the three operators in the country, was provided a financial help in total of 1,056,900, oo denars. On the account of the Solidarity Fund of the Macedonian Red Cross there was a total of 81,350, oo denars.

Macedonian Red Cross invites legal entities and citizens to express their solidarity through active support of this humanitarian action.


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