September 11, 2015


On 11th September the American embassy in Skopje has marked the American national day for service and memory of the victims with a blood and food donation activity in cooperation with the City Red Cross of Skopje and the Institute for transfusion. This activity is part of the global initiative of the US President Barak Obama in memory of the victims from 11th September and turned into a global day for service in the communities. Participating in these blood donation and food collection activity, every volunteer had opportunity to give support for assisting those mostly in need. The goal is everybody, no mater of their religion, ethnical background or race, to get involved and commit to a common cause – stated the ambassador Mr. Jess Bailey. saiti This day inspires hope and reminds that humanity and love for mankind should be raised to a higher level to continue the tradition that for the last seven years has become a synonym for changes. Today’s activity is contribution towards our community, activity that articulates the differences turning them into humanitarian effects. That is the message that we are sending today. Let this day be a reminder how important is to be together, to share, to give a part of us for the others, to help, to think about those who need help and those who have a need from us.   This year the Red Cross marks 50 years since adoption of the 7 Fundamental Principles, while refreshing our vision as a response for the new challenges and adjusting the meaning of the messages they send to the world that is changing. We are committed to act in a direction to find permanent solutions for the people in crisis, we spread and adjust our responses and programs to be adequate to the growing needs of the people and new vulnerable groups. We are present in every community in the country and we are promoting the ideals of the Movement. saiti2 So far cooperation with the American embassy among others is a reflection of a social responsibility of their employees and represents an example for established friendship between our and American people, especially for the community care and our citizens – stated the Secretary General of the Macedonian Red Cross Mr. Sait Saiti.

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