June 2, 2014

Information from simulation exercise “Traffic accidents with many wounded and burned casualties”

On 22nd of May, in Skopje a simulation exercise “Traffic accidents with many wounded and burned casualties” was held. The exercise was organized by the Ministry of Health and WHO regional office Skopje. The exercise was conducted by active participation from the Emergency Medical Assistance Skopje, General Hospital – 8th of September in Skopje, Ministry of Interior, Fire Department Skopje, Centre for Crisis Management, Directorate for Rescue and Protection, Macedonian Red Cross, City Red Cross Skopje and local-self government.

The goal of the exercise was to increase the preparedness for crisis within the priority of Health security, response and preparedness for crisis situation.

Namely, according to the scenario, a traffic accident occurred in City park of Skopje between one bus and car. Due to the strong impact a fire is starting in the bus. Totally 17 persons are wounded a need to be evacuated immediately.

As a result of the long-lasting cooperation between Macedonian Red Cross and Ministry of Health, together with the City Red Cross of Skopje, was provided a support for the exercise. Namely, around 20 volunteers were engaged, which were simulating wounded persons in the accidents, and additional volunteers that were making the wounds and burns. The volunteers directly contributed towards more realistic exercise.

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