June 22, 2015

IPA CAMPEX 2015 Vizbegovo, Macedonia

Macedonian Red Cross was part of the organization of the International exercise IPA Campex 2015 that was held in the period 15-19 june 2015 in Vizbegovo-Skopje, with leading organization by Protection and Rescue Directorate and the General Directorate for humanitarian relief and civil protection of EU. An consortium was also formed with the protection and rescue services from Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Sweden and private company Synergies from Austria.

The scenario of the exercise was a catastrophic earthquake in the North part of Macedonia and raising a shelter camp for the dislocated population. Macedonia was represented by the units that are members of the crisis management system.

The exercise started on 15th June with simulation of a Command stab exercise where assistance was accepted from the neighboring countries. On 16th June the teams from Macedonian Red Cross, Germany, Italy Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Albania and Kosovo have arrived. On 17th June there was a camp raised and accepted were 250 IDPs. In 18th June there were many simulations of injuries and different scenarios.

Macedonian Red Cross has participated with logistics teams(food for all the IDPs), team for water and sanitation(tabs, showers, water supply), kitchen, hospital, tracing service, medical service etc.

Macedonian Red Cross had a representative in the Headquarters pf the exercise and one observer. During the exercise there were 50 manikins and a team for realistic presentation of injuries and wounds, one ambulance vehicle with a medical team, two field vehicles for transport of injured people towards the Italian hospital.

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