September 4, 2015

John Engedal Nissen of 05 Aug 2015 is a emergency communication delegate (IFRC) in Republic of Macedonia – Red Cross

John Engedal Nissen I am a trained journalist and have in the previous year worked as Press Officer in the Danish Red Cross. I am currently send by the IFRC as an emergency communication delegate to Republic of Macedonia regarding the migrantcrisis. My job is to create awareness of the humanitarian needs of the thousands of migrants who are moving through Republic of Macedonia, and how Red Cross are responding to help these people. Many have been on a perilous journey for many days to seek refuge and safety, adding to the suffering of those who have experienced violence, loss of loved ones or seen their homes destroyed. It is crucial to continue and upscale the humanitarian support for these vulnerable people – and that is what I am here to communicate. I have been at both the southern border near Gevgelija and the northern border at Tabanovce, both places where Red Cross is present distributing among others water, food, hygiene articles and providing medical attention. The response is needed and organized well. Thus in August more than 8,500 migrant children have been helped by Red Cross in Republic of Macedonia. The migrants I have talked with personally have told me, how important the help was, especially for their children, and how it made them feel respected as humans. Many of them tell sad stories of why and how they had to leave their country to seek refuge.


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