October 26, 2015

Macedonian Red Cross provides support for the migrants and refugees

Macedonian Red Cross in partnership with UNHCR and IFRC is actively involved in support of the migrants that are transiting through our country.

Macedonian Red Cross on booth border crossings in Gevgelija and Tabanovce is on field 24/7 with 9 mobile teams supporting the migrants that are transiting through our country.

Total number of persons involved in the teams is 135 among which doctors, Red Cross staff, paramedics, members and volunteers of the Red Cross that are trained for work in the tracing service for missing persons by the Red Cross.

Macedonian Red Cross in the period 19-25 October has distributed: 10 400 bottles of drinking water, 972 food parcels, 251 hygiene parcels, 535 packs or 100 boxes of baby diapers, 109 boxes of biscuits, 96 boxes of baby milk, 517 pieces of chocolate milk,100 baby packages, 3 840 blankets, 1220 rain coats, 40 sleeping bags, 42 first aid kits, and on 6 117 persons was administered first aid while 16 persons were transported to hospital.

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