March 16, 2016

Realized training for tracing service

Macedonian Red Cross is in the phase of conducting activities related with the Appeal for coping with the migration crisis in the Republic of Macedonia. Therefore in order to strengthen the capacities of the Tracing service of the Macedonian Red Cross that in the recent period is permanently present on field with the migrants and has realized numerous activities for restoring family links among the migrants, there was a need to train volunteers from the Red Cross Branches for Tracing service.

In the period 12-14.03.2016 in Struga there was a basic training for Tracing service. On the training there were 28 volunteers from 17 Red Cross Branches. Besides the basic training there were explained the rules according which the Tracing service operates in the transit centers in Gevgelija and Tabanovce where since the start of the migration crisis so far there were registered 563 cases of separated families.

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