April 21, 2015

Simulation exercise and promotion of mobile phone application for first aid

Macedonian Red Cross on 20.04.2015 as a partner of the Republic council for traffic security along with the Ministry of health, JZU Zdravstven Dom Skopje-emergency medical service, and Ministry of interior in the frames of the campaign for increasing the road safety, has participated with volunteers in organizing a simulation exercise Traffic accident with injured walker.

At the same time in the frames of the campaign, Macedonian Red Cross has promoted the mobile phone application for first aid (IOS and Android operative system) which is easy to use, free and available for any citizen.

The application contains easy step by step instructions for administering first aid in different situations and injuries.

The number of emergency medical service 194 is also integrated as well as videos and animations that contribute for easier learning and quizzes for testing the knowledge.

Content is in line with the recommendation of the European center for resuscitation and American association for first aid.

Thus we must highlight that even the best application can’t substitute the training and gaining practical skills for administering first aid especially if it is of crucial importance to save a life!

The technical support was provided by the International Federation of RC/RC societies, American Red Cross and experts support by T-Mobile Macedonia.


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