April 18, 2016

Take action for better competitiveness on the labor market

Macedonian Red Cross, thе City Red Cross of Skopje and Skopje Craft Chamber within the project “Take action for better competiveness on the labor market” implements the stage of identification and selection of 40 persons who are in social risk and аrе long-term unemployed in the region of three municipalities: Gazi Baba, Gjorche Petrov and Kisela Voda.  Two teams of social workers and one psychologist are working with the potential participants / candidates and their families through meetings in their homes.  The purpose of the meetings with potential participants/ candidates is to introduce them with the process of the project activities as well as the opportunity of long-term change in their current conditions through studying craft.

Аt this stage there is cooperation with local services,  the municipalities and NGO , who  gave their contribution. 190 persons have been contacted since now, from which 40 will be selected as beneficiaries of the project.  The expectations from the people, who are potential participants / candidates to be included in the project, are accomplished.

This project is implemented in partnership with Skopje Craft Chamber, and funded by EU, within the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013 (IPA Component IV).

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