September 24, 2015

Trained volunteers for administering First aid

Humanitarian mission of Macedonian Red Cross is to improve the life of the vulnerable population mainly focusing on their health and safety. Migrants are one of the vulnerable categories due to many reasons such as long and heavy journey, exhaustion, lack of food, water, shelter etc.

Macedonian Red Cross from the start of the migrant’s crisis is actively involved with distribution of humanitarian assistance and provision of first aid.

In order to strengthen the capacities of the mobile teams that are providing first aid, and with financial support of World health organization, on 22nd and 23rd September 2015 there was a first aid training for volunteers involved in the humanitarian activities for assisting the migrants.

The training was conducted in cooperation with the Army medical center and was in order to gain knowledge and practical skills in the area of first aid. The volunteers have gained theoretical and practical knowledge for emergency and life threatening situations, recognition of symptoms and on time provision of assistance in case of injuries, bleeding’s, heat waves, shock, strokes, frosts, hypothermia, CPR etc.


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