December 16, 2015

Workshop with local self-government representatives on the development of the cooperation with the Red Cross on disaster management programmes

From 11 to 13 December 2015, in the Red Cross Centre SOLFERINO in Struga, a workshop took place with local self-government representatives on the development of the cooperation between the Red Cross municipal organisations and the local self-government units related to the preparedness and action in case of disasters, as well to advance the cooperation in assisting migrants transiting through Macedonia. The workshop was conducted as part of the Call to support the National Society activities undertaken to assist migrants.

The workshop was attended by representatives of 9 Red Cross municipal organizations, more precisely, the organizations of: Ohrid, Kumanovo, Shtip, Vinica, Sveti Nikole, Debar, Krushevo, Karposh and Kisela Voda, representatives of the Macedonian Red Cross, as well as representatives of our partners at local level.

At the workshop, activities were presented undertaken by the Red Cross to assist migrants, which are supported by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the national societies the Macedonian Red Cross has been cooperating with, as well as donors and partners in the country. Further, the 2012-2016 Strategic Plan for Preparedness and Action in Disasters was presented, as well as the role of the National Society in the disaster management system in Macedonia. Other ongoing programme activities were also presented.

Positive practices in the partner cooperation with relevant institutions were also shared. These institutions have been operating at local level to respond to crisis situations. Challenges they have been facing in emergency situations were also noted.

From the group work and the discussions developed by the participants, possible forms and methods were proposed on the advancement of the partner cooperation, aiming at making contribution to coordinated approach of all relevant institutions to mitigate consequences of crisis situations, with special accent on assisting migrants transiting through our country.

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